Public Safety

We are committed to making populations safer with solutions that strengthen public trust and foster strong, sustainable relationships between local community leaders, law enforcement and the citizens they are charged to protect. Our team of experts include retired Chiefs of Police, pioneers in the field of community policing, law enforcement experts, police psychologists, technologists and nationally-practiced collaboration and facilitation specialists.

Hotspot Detection and Monitoring

It's like having an early warning system for conflict delivered directly to your computer or mobile device in an easy to understand map-based analytics dashboard. Historical public safety, past non-lethal and lethal situational data including key contributing factors and patterns that lead to lethal outcomes are connected to current Open Source Info (OSI) unstructured data sources including public and private data sets, social media, metadata and surveys.


Community Intervention Monitoring

Originally created to provide law enforcement with a real-time, persistent community outreach and monitoring solution.  Now any resident in a community can present their concerns securely and anonymously to community leadership. For neighborhoods at risk and with significant gaps in community trust, residents now have a voice that's focused exclusively on their concerns without displaying personal information.

Feature Options

Our skilled public safety professionals can support complex public safety initiatives, create turnkey solutions and implement projects from start to finish. Our blend of technology, subject matter expertise and community relations is exactly what you need to guarantee agile,  successful and sustainable programs needed to keep communities safe and healthy. Here are just some of the capabilities we bring to any engagement:

Improved resource deployment

Enhanced predictive capabilities

Real-time, fact-based data analytics

Sustainable community programs that build and support trust

Instant, secure and affordable implementation


GeoPolicing Series

Powerful solutions that reflect today's world.