Location Analytics

Our surroundings affect the way we process information – ways we think, plan, and act. Gaining insight from the location or geographic component of our environment helps us make better decisions and helps businesses to more effectively create strategies to target emerging opportunities.

Location Matters

Our surroundings provide meaning and purpose to our actions.  Location provides context and substance to actions.  Locations help anchor/ground activities.  From this perspective, the location or geographical components help dictate how best to optimize utilization of the place.


A location can set expectations, provide emotional meaning, make living better and safer.  Further, this perspective says that there are ideal places to place new businesses, homes, parks, and warehouses.

Data Input Examples

Physical. Social. Environmental


Roads, rivers, transportation

Health facilities


Parks and recreation

Homes and housing


Social determinants

Physical determinants


Our Advantage

We use the latest geospatial technologies, data visualization tools, machine learning and big data storage solutions to allow customers to leverage information from and endless supply of data outlets.

How to direct sales people to areas most likely to result in high ROI or where to locate your next health clinic are all directly impacted by location. We gather data that when assembled and analyzed will allow better predictions to be made and quality outcomes to be achieved that present a significant advantage over the competition or benefits to a population.

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